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"My most recent work, enjoyable but incomplete at s..."



by 2 Jurors

Wes, Serge, and Eddie are university students at Bargot University, a well-respected university on Guorrei, a planet known for its two suns and excellent research facilities. But they are quickly forced to seek help from other planets when George's contrived rebellion takes the Guorreian governmental by surprise.

They find themselves stranded on Abba-Da-Ja, a quaint planet with a distaste for technology but a passion for life. As they work together... can they stop George and his cronies, or is it too late?

As our three heroes adventure throughout space, they learn more about themselves and the world than they could ever expect.

And all this time, Pedro from the planet Yuh'Yogg seeks to "mine" precious metals from Abba-Da-Ja, which he claims is his "legendary planet" to exploit. Will he pose a threat to the others?

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Announcement : Hi!

This is a self-important subjury about me and for me, Jesse Radin. Review my books, my ideas, my thoughts. As Lisa Simpson once said, "Look at me! Grade me! Evaluate and rank me! I'm good, good, g...

img Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin posted a review

Interconnected is my pride an joy. A novel written entirely while listen to music including Lifehouse, Anna Nalick, Shinedown, and Seether. Not a single word was written on this novel without me listening to some variety of wuss-rock, alt-rock, alt-metal, or pop-rock, or just pop if I admit that's what a lot of it is.

The characters are loosely based on people I know/have known but they are unique enough that the people they are based on could easily read them and not be aware that they are the influence for that character.

The story has some exciting and tense moments overall but it still feels incomplete. There is supposed to be a sequel at some point but I've only just begun it. I think at some level I am waiting for the 7th Star Wars film to come out before I begin the second half of Interconnected because they are similar in nature. 

Both "Star Wars" and "Interconnected" have some kind of "force" and a theme of space exploration with a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. But unlike Star Wars my novel isn't specifically "a long time ago" though it is a galaxy far away because none of the planets mentioned are anything we know.

I do plan to write the sequel but it is not the project I am focused on currently. Overall this is an enjoyable story and my first novel that is "sci-fi/fantasy" or otherwise something away from Earth in the 20th-21st centuries.

on October 28, 2015
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Oath Swearer $50! That's not bad at all! Enough to pay for a video game

Jesse "Burgerm'n" Radin @Oath Swearer It is not bad at all :) But it would be nice to get that kind of money on a daily basis and be a full-time author without other obligations.

Johnny Isiah I wish I could earn that much money writing books. You're better than a lot of people already.

Anonymous Why is this novel rated so low?

Anonymous Easy, it's total garbage.

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My most recent work, enjoyable but incomplete at some level.
Book rating: 81 out of 100 with 2 ratings